What is an Escape Game

The Escape Game / Escape Room Concept

What is an Escape Game or an Escape Room?

You will need to count around 1h30 for the whole experience

[horloge affichant 15 minutes] 10 to 15 min. debriefing
[horloge affichant 60 minutes] 60 min. game
[horloge affichant 15 minutes]10 to 15 min. of debriefing

An escape game is quite simply a life-size room where you will be immersed in an immersive and unusual setting designed by our creation team.

When you arrive to Planet Experiences Roquefort les Pins, you will be greeted by a Game Master who will explain some essential and practical rules of the game.

After brief explanations, you will be given a mission of the utmost importance and you will have 60 minutes to solve the mystery and escape from the room.

As soon as the door is closed behind you, the escape game adventure can begin.

The clock has started, the adrenaline is at its peak, and you are in total immersion.

Now it is time to search everything, observe and exercise your brain to discover and solve the first puzzles.

To achieve this, there is only one solution: everyone will have to search the room to find objects, clues, keys that will allow you to progress from riddle to riddle until reaching the final riddle.

Team spirit as well as communication are the essential asset in an escape game.


Is there a minimum age to play?

It depends on the rooms. It is best to inquire by phone in advance.


Can we get help?

You will be assisted throughout the game by your host, the game master.

He will be able to hear and see you, which will allow him to send you clues if you get stuck and the need arises because time is running out. You will discuss your experience at the end of your session with the Game master.

No departure without the traditional souvenir photo which will allow you to remember these extraordinary moments.

Our Alchemist room has 2 difficulty levels. We will discuss this again during your visit.

See you soon